Lately we see questions about Oracle Discoverer 11g certification with Oracle Database 19c. Oracle officially confirms that Discoverer is not tested or certified on the Oracle Database 19c.

We use Discoverer for development purposes only, but were curious if it will work with the 19c version. Recently we upgraded one of our EBS 12.1.3 databases to 19c and decided to test connecting and running several reports. And we’re happy to announce that everything works fine so far. To connect Discoverer to a 19c database connection descriptor has to include INSTANCE_NAME set to CDB and SERVICE_NAME to PDB:

19c =

Couple of test workbooks ran fine

Discoverer test workbook run

So Discoverer works with Oracle EBS 12.1.3 on Database 19.7, but it can’t be treated as a reliable configuration. Oracle encourages customers to migrate to other solutions.

If you’re looking for a Discoverer replacement, please consider Blitz Report. The Blitz Report’s Discoverer report import feature allows automated migration of worksheets SQLs including parameters and LOVs.

Please refer to the Blitz report user guide for more information and detailed usage instructions or watch this video: