GL Header Categories Summary

Categories: Enginatics
Repository: Github
Master data report showing ledger, category and source definitions across multiple ledgers.

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select /*+ parallel*/ distinct ledger,
gjh.je_category category,
gjcv.description category_desc,
count(*) over (partition by, gjh.je_category &partition_by) header_count,
count(distinct over (partition by &partition_by) batch_name_count,
count(distinct gjh.period_name) over (partition by, gjh.je_category &partition_by) period_count,
min(distinct gps.start_date) over (partition by, gjh.je_category &partition_by) min_period_start_date,
max(distinct gps.end_date) over (partition by, gjh.je_category &partition_by) max_period_end_date,
count(*) over (partition by, gjh.je_category) total_count
gl_ledgers gl,
gl_period_statuses gps,
gl_je_batches gjb,
gl_je_headers gjh,
gl_je_categories_vl gjcv
gl.ledger_id=gjh.ledger_id and
gps.application_id=101 and
gps.period_name=gjh.period_name and
gps.ledger_id=gjh.ledger_id and
gjh.status='P' and
gjh.actual_flag='A' and
gjh.je_batch_id=gjb.je_batch_id and
order by,
total_count desc,
header_count desc
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Expand Sources
gjh.je_source source,