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About Enginatics

Enginatics has been created by a team of highly experienced Oracle specialists, who have contributed to a large number of Oracle implementation projects across various industries.

Our mission is to enable companies to easily obtain quality reporting out of the Oracle E-Business Suite.

In order to do this we have build Blitz Report, a groundbreaking software enabling your in-house IT Team to create SQL reports almost in the blink of an eye and to make them available to your user community.

When it comes to operational reporting, the majority of business users do not require colorful graphs, dashboards and a wide variety of output formats. In most cases, they just need a practical solution to extract data from Oracle E-Business Suite directly into Microsoft Excel. This is exactly what Blitz Report does.

Blitz Report also excels through:

  • ease of use
  • ease of maintenance
  • efficiency and high performance
  • security and robustness
  • high flexibility

If your in-house IT Team manages reports development using Blitz Report in the future, external development expertise will become redundant. This accelerates development cycles, cuts costs and increases the quality of reports.

Blitz Report is a lean and extremely effective software, which will revolutionize your business approach to Oracle Applications.

“You’ll be amazed how Blitz Report will improve your users’ productivity”

Andy Haack, CEO