Speed up your E-Business Suite with Blitz Report™

World-class EBS performance tuning from Enginatics

Performance tuning is vital for keeping business critical systems running optimally. Oracle’s AWR report is the most common source of performance metrics and provides a huge amount of data. For E-Business Suite performance tuning however, typically only a fraction of this is useful; knowing what that data is, and how to interpret it, is a key challenge.

Enginatics has nearly twenty years’ experience in optimizing EBS systems. We understand that identifying performance issues can be difficult, so we have built the fastest EBS reporting solution on the market, Blitz Report™, and equipped it with tools to quickly highlight performance bottlenecks.

Our performance audit is an in-depth analysis of the entire EBS system. Using Blitz Report, we conduct a rapid (typically one hour) analysis that includes:

  • Analyzing system configuration and identifying bottlenecks

  • Reviewing server load and IO performance

  • Analyzing SQL workload and identify poorly performing SQLs

We then present our recommendations and action plan. After the audit we leave you with the Blitz Report toolkit, allowing you to monitor and tune your EBS system as necessary.

“Our development team uses Blitz Report™ as part of our weekly process to monitor SQL performance, allowing us to identify and proactively optimize and correct code before it can negatively impact our end users.”

Aurelien Georgel, Global ERP Manager, THALES DIS