Blitz Report™ pairs simplicity with a unique set of features, making it an essential tool for any company that uses the Oracle E-Business Suite

Simple and intuitive user interface

  • Familiar look and feel. Blitz Report features the same interface as the Oracle E-Business Suite, enabling your users to adopt Blitz Report with minimal training.

  • Efficient keystroke-based navigation. Blitz Report allows full use of keystrokes – maximizing productivity, particularly for repetitive tasks.
  • Output files download and open automatically. Reports run as standard Oracle concurrent processes, and download and open automatically when complete. Clicking on “refresh” and “view output” buttons will not be required anymore.

  • Text-based report search. With the full text search function, users can search for reports by name, description, or even SQL content (e.g. column names). This enables users to find all reports relating to a particular subject quickly and efficiently.

  • Stacked parameter values. You can apply multiple individual parameter values in one single report. For example, you can enter multiple account numbers at once instead of generating separate reports.

  • Multi-language support. Blitz Report’s user interface supports any language, allowing geographically-dispersed teams to benefit from working in their native language.

  • Email and delivery features. Output files are easily shared via email. Blitz Report fully integrates with Oracle’s standard delivery features enabling you to create scheduled outbound interfaces e.g. to cloud storage or FTP servers.

Familiar Look and Feel
Text-based Report Search

Efficient setup and maintenance

  • All reports in one place. Blitz Report stores all of your company’s SQL queries in a central repository, creating a valuable, easy-to-access knowledge base for your in-house IT team. New reports can be easily created and made available to business users, avoiding ad-hoc queries.

  • Fully customizable access control. You decide which employees are authorized to execute certain reports using profile options and authorization levels.

  • SQL version history. Blitz Report maintains a version history and tracks all changes made to any SQL query. It is easy to revert to a previous version of a report if required.

  • Category selection. Administrators can assign reports to one or more categories. This keeps your reports organized, allowing quick access via a dropdown category list.
  • Quick and simple LOV creation. You can quickly select or create LOVs using the parameter definition tab, without having to go through extensive configuration menues.

  • Copy and reuse reports or parameters. You can easily copy and reuse existing reports or parameters when creating a new one.

  • Export and import functionality. New reports can be downloaded and installed from our website using Blitz Report’s import functionality. Existing reports can easily be migrated to new environments.

  • Online report library. Our free online Blitz Report library is an ever-expanding collection of useful report templates for a variety of business requirements.

Simple LOV creation