PA Project Event Upload


Overview of the PA Project Event Upload process


The PA Project Event Upload allows users to create new Project Billing and Revenue Events in excel and upload these into Oracle EBS Projects module.

Project and Billing events can be uploaded against the Projects belonging to the Operating Units accessible to the responsibility in which the PA Project Event Upload process is run.

This upload does not support the update of existing project events.

Process Parameters

Product Source Mandatory.

The Product Source to be used against the uploaded Project Events

Operating Unit Optional.

If the Operating Unit parameter is specified, then the upload will be restricted to Projects within the specified Operating Unit only.

Default Event Date Optional.

This date will default as the event date in the generated excel template but can be overridden.

Validate DFF Attributes Mandatory.  Default Value: Yes

This determines if Oracle should validate the DFF Attributes Rules:

  • Validate that required DFF attributes are specified.
  • Validate the entered values are correct according to the DFF Flexfield validation rules.

If you specify No to this parameter, the DFF Validations will be bypassed any DFF Attribute values specified in the Excel template will not be loaded. The Oracle API will assign null values to the event attribute columns.

Note: The parameter values specified when you run the PA Project Event process to generate the excel are applicable to the upload of that excel as well.

Pre-defined Templates

There are no pre-defined templates with this upload. Users can create their own templates as per their requirements.
By default, when no template is specified when running the upload process, all available fields are included in the generated template.

Excel Upload Template

By default, when no template is specified when running the upload process, all available fields are included in the generated template. Users can create their own templates as per their requirements.

The Action, Status and Message columns are used by the upload process to indicate the current status of the row. For this upload, the Action will always show as Create. The possible values for these columns are shown below:

Before Upload
Entering data into a new row
On Save – If there is a validation error (like missing required Data

The message will indicate the reason the validation failed.

Note: If you attempt to upload an excel file contain rows with an Invalid Status, these rows will be ignored by the upload process.

On Save – If validation is successful
After Upload
Row was upload successfully
Row was not processed successfully

The message will indicate the reason the upload of this row failed.

The columns in the Excel template whose heading are highlighted in Yellow are required columns which must have a value specified before you can upload the row:

The columns that show a dropdown symbol to the right of the column, have List of Values (LOV) associated with them. The LOV can be activated by double clicking in the cell, or by partially entering a value and tabbing out of the cell:

Some of the cells in the Excel will default automatically based on the data entered in other cells.

For example:

  • The event date will default automatically from the Default Event Date parameter specified when the process was run.
  • The Project Name, Project Functional Currency, and Project Current will default automatically from the selected Project.

The Task Name will default automatically from the selected Task.

Upload Process

This section outlines the overall process for performing a Blitz Upload

Step Initiated From Action
1 EBS Blitz Report Form Generate the Upload Excel Template.

  • Select the Blitz Upload Report to be run.
  • Optionally select the template to be used for the generated Excel.
  • Enter the required parameters.
  • Click on the Run Button to run the report and generate the Excel.

This will generate the excel template in which the user will enter the date to be uploaded.

2 Excel Enter the data as required into the generated Excel.

Remember to save the excel after data entry is complete and all rows show the status valid:

3 EBS Blitz Report Form Initiate the Upload Process.

  • Select the Blitz Upload Report to be run.
  • Click on the Upload Button to run the report and generate the Excel.

This will open a browser window where you can upload the Excel file to the server for processing.

4 Browser Window Upload the Excel File to the server.

  • Click on Choose File and select the excel file to be uploaded.
  • Click on Submit to initiate the Upload.
  • Close the Browser window once the upload confirmation is received.

5 Excel Review the Upload results.

  • After the upload is processed, a new Excel is automatically generated showing the results of the upload.
  • Success Status:
  • Error Status

Note: Any errors can be corrected in this new excel, and the upload process repeated using this excel instead of the original.

Upload Process Concurrent Requests

Blitz Reports and Blitz Upload are run as concurrent requests. For a Blitz Upload Process, 3 concurrent requests are submitted. One when the process is initially run to generate the template, and two when the upload process is initiated.

Stage Purpose Request Output
Initial Run Program: XXEN_REPORT

Download data (applicable to uploads that allow updates) and generate the excel template.

The excel template to be used to enter/update the date for upload
Upload Program: XXEN_UPLOAD

Performs the Upload processing of the data into Oracle EBS


The log file of this request will show detailed debugging information from the upload process if the profile option Blitz Report Debug is set to Yes.

Note: When profile option Blitz Report Debug is set to Yes, the log file of each request is opened automatically instead of the output file. In this case use View Output of the request in order to open the generated excels manually.

Upload Program: XXEN_REPORT

Generates the excel containing the results of the Upload

The excel template containing the rows uploaded and the status of the upload process for each row uploaded.

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 null action_,
 null status_,
 null message_,
 null request_id_,
 to_char(pe.event_id)                        row_id,                                  operating_unit,
 pp.segment1                                 project_number,                                     project_name,
 pt.task_number                              task_number,
 pt.task_name                                task_name,
 paa.agreement_num                           agreement_number,
 paa.agreement_type                          agreement_type,
 pcv.customer_name                           customer_name,
 pcv.customer_number                         customer_number,
 pe.pm_event_reference                       event_reference,
 pe.event_type                               event_type,
 pet.event_type_classification               event_type_classification,
 pe.completion_date                          event_date,
 pe.event_num                                event_number,                                 organization,
 pe.description                              description,
 pe.bill_trans_currency_code                 currency,
 pe.bill_trans_bill_amount                   bill_amount,
 pe.bill_trans_rev_amount                    revenue_amount,
 xxen_util.meaning( pe.bill_hold_flag,'YES_NO',0) bill_hold_flag,
 xxen_util.meaning( pe.revenue_hold_flag,'YES_NO',0) revenue_hold_flag,
 xxen_util.meaning( pe.adjusting_revenue_flag,'YES_NO',0) adjusting_revenue_flag,
 pe.bill_group                               bill_group,
 pp.projfunc_currency_code                   proj_func_currency,
 pct1.user_conversion_type                   proj_func_rate_type,
 pe.projfunc_rate_date                       proj_func_rate_date,
 pe.projfunc_exchange_rate                   proj_func_exchange_rate,
 pp.project_currency_code                    project_currency,
 pct2.user_conversion_type                   project_rate_type,
 pe.project_rate_date                        project_rate_date,
 pe.project_exchange_rate                    project_exchange_rate,
 pct3.user_conversion_type                   funding_rate_type,
 pe.funding_rate_date                        funding_rate_date,
 pe.funding_exchange_rate                    funding_exchange_rate,
 pe.quantity_billed                          bill_quantity,
   mtl_parameters mp
   mp.organization_id = pe.inventory_org_id
 )                                           inventory_organization,
   mtl_system_items_vl msiv
   msiv.organization_id   = pe.inventory_org_id and
   msiv.inventory_item_id =  pe.inventory_item_id
 )                                           inventory_item,
 pe.uom_code                                 uom,
 pe.unit_price                               unit_price,
 pe.reference1                               reference1,
 pe.reference2                               reference2,
 pe.reference3                               reference3,
 pe.reference4                               reference4,
 pe.reference5                               reference5,
 pe.reference6                               reference6,
 pe.reference7                               reference7,
 pe.reference8                               reference8,
 pe.reference9                               reference9,
 pe.reference10                              reference10,
 pe.attribute_category                       attribute_category,
 pe.attribute1                               attribute1,
 pe.attribute2                               attribute2,
 pe.attribute3                               attribute3,
 pe.attribute4                               attribute4,
 pe.attribute5                               attribute5,
 pe.attribute6                               attribute6,
 pe.attribute7                               attribute7,
 pe.attribute8                               attribute8,
 pe.attribute9                               attribute9,
 pe.attribute10                              attribute10,
 pe.event_id                                 event_id,
 null                                        delivery_event,
   pa_proj_elements ppe
   ppe.proj_element_id = pe.deliverable_id  and
   ppe.object_type      = 'PA_DELIVERABLES'
 )                                           deliverable,
   pa_proj_elements ppe
   ppe.proj_element_id = pe.action_id  and
   ppe.object_type      = 'PA_ACTIONS'
 )                                           action,
 'PA_EVENTS_DESC_FLEX' desc_flexfield_name
 pa_events                    pe,
 pa_projects                  pp,
 pa_tasks                     pt,
 hr_all_organization_units_vl haouv, -- ou
 pa_all_organizations         pao,
 hr_all_organization_units_vl haouv2, -- organization
 pa_event_types               pet,
 pa_agreements                paa,
 pa_customers_v               pcv,
 pa_conversion_types_v        pct1,
 pa_conversion_types_v        pct2,
 pa_conversion_types_v        pct3
 :p_upload_mode like '%' || xxen_upload.action_update and
 :p_pm_product_code = :p_pm_product_code and
 nvl(:p_operating_unit,'Y') = nvl(:p_operating_unit,'Y') and
 nvl(:p_validate_dff,'Y') = nvl(:p_validate_dff,'Y') and
 1=1 and
 haouv.organization_id in (select mgoat.organization_id from mo_glob_org_access_tmp mgoat union select fnd_global.org_id from dual where fnd_release.major_version=11) and
 pe.project_id          = pp.project_id and
 pp.org_id              = haouv.organization_id and 
 pe.task_id             = pt.task_id (+) and
 pe.organization_id     = pao.organization_id and 
 pao.org_id             = haouv.organization_id and
 pao.pa_org_use_type    = 'EXPENDITURES' and 
 pao.organization_id    = haouv2.organization_id and
 pe.event_type          = pet.event_type and
 pe.agreement_id        = paa.agreement_id (+) and
 paa.customer_id        = pcv.customer_id (+) and
 pe.projfunc_rate_type  = pct1.conversion_type(+) and
 pe.project_rate_type   = pct2.conversion_type(+) and
 pe.funding_rate_type   = pct3.conversion_type(+)
 &report_table_select &report_table_name &report_table_where_clause &success_records
) x
order by
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Product Source
Operating Unit
Default Event Date
Validate DFF Attributes
LOV Oracle