World’s fastest operational reporting for Oracle EBS

Blitz Report™ provides real-time data from all areas of Oracle E-Business Suite

  •  Installs in minutes
  •  Fully integrated with Oracle EBS
  •  Extensive library of SQL reports
Running Blitz Report
Building blitz report

Blitz Report is based on Oracle Forms so is fully integrated with E-Business Suite. There is an extensive library of Oracle EBS SQL reports

to use or edit as necessary. Blitz Report runs as a background concurrent process and generates output files in XLSX or CSV format, which

are automatically downloaded and opened in Excel.

Blitz Report is software based on Oracle Forms and fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite. Using Blitz Report enables your IT support team to conveniently store and edit SQL scripts for reporting, ultimately making them available to your business users. Blitz Report runs as a concurrent process and generates output files in XLSX or CSV format.  These are, upon completion, automatically downloaded and opened in Excel.


“Compared to our old reporting solution, new reports are created much faster and easier. From accounting users to the various managers and heads of department, our employees are especially impressed by the user-friendly interface and the well-formatted Excel output files.”

Ralf Schmilewski, Head of ERP Development, MYTOYS GROUP

“From my long working experience with EBS reporting tools, Blitz Report is beyond comparison.”

Armin Maier, HR Data Management & Analysis, Raiffeisen Bank International

“I converted several of our support SQL to Blitz already and continue adding more every week. I love Blitz.... easy, quick, and powerful. Our users love it too.”

Mіchael Schmucker, IT Systems Analyst, Tektronix

“Our development team uses Blitz Report as part of our weekly process to monitor SQL performance, allowing us to identify and proactively optimize and correct code before it can negatively impact our end users.”

Aurelien Georgel, Global ERP Manager, THALES DIS

“We are delighted with the productivity improvements; in one example we replaced 182 report submissions with just one Blitz Report, saving 1.5 days of manual work every month. Overall we have saved a lot of time, as we can now build reports much more quickly.”

Simone Dedlow, Product Manager Oracle Financials, EOS Group

“Excellent tool for quick reporting with a lot of handy functionality. Great replacement for Discoverer, especially for developers.”

Bhupendra Aole, Senior Applications Developer, IMMI

“I took existing SQLs put them in blitz, created some parameters and voila I have a XLS report. For less than a cost of a beer each month I am able to give my users Excel reports, and now we are scheduling and emailing them as Blitz utilizes the concurrent manager.”

Anne Ristau Cooper, Dekalb County Georgia

“I was so excited to have my hands on this amazing product the very first day, first hour!!!”

Rajesh Gupta, Vice President - Head Of Information Technology, C&S ELECTRIC LTD

“We really love Blitz and are happy to share our experience.”

Cecilia Miller, Finance Systems Analyst Manager, Tektronix

“As always, you are completely on top of things and super-quick to respond. We appreciate your prompt responses!”

Ryan Lampert, ERP Technology Specialist, OFS

“We were able to run the GL Account Analysis on multiple ledgers and non-consecutive periods without any issues, just as predicted … you have a group of very happy customers here.”

Kirsten Koch, Sr. Manager Financial Applications, Quantcast

“The one thing which really makes Blitz Report stand out for me is the seeded content. I've done a lot of work with Oracle BI Applications (Oracle's strategic product for EBS analytical reporting), but truth be told, the seeded content rarely works for customers and they end up writing their own reports from scratch; which somewhat defeats the purpose of the product! To see so much content in Blitz Report which is actually applicable and usable out of the box is really great.”

John Keymer, Consultant, Beyond Systems Limited

“There is something about your product that really appeals to me. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of what you have built.”

Daren Janes, DBA, Oracle Consulting 4U

“My client selected Blitz Report after I created a report from Oracle EBS data that had a complex SQL and a large data set. The performance of Blitz Report™ beat Power BI and Oracle APEX. The latter did not work at all.”

Kailash Pareek, Independent EBS consultant

“I am in love with these blitz reports. They are so useful!”

Zsuzsanna Alföldi, Accounting Lead Eastern Hub Nufarm

“Reporting is a key tool that enables the success of Quantcast. We feel Blitz Report is the right solution to help us continue to grow and innovate.”

Stephen Harding, Sr. Accounting Manager, Quantcast

“Thank you for everything you do for us. I use your product every single day and love it.”

Stephen Brown, Sr. EBS Business Analyst, Paysafe Group

“That is soooo cool! Finally a product that is very useful, easy to install/configure/use, and great vendor support!”

Tanya, DBA, Responsible for installing all Vendor Third Party Products, Tektronix