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MYTOYS adopts Blitz Report™ for super-fast E-Business Suite reporting

The MYTOYS GROUP is the premier online retailer for family shopping in Europe. Their renowned online shops myToys, ambellis, mirapodo and limango generated a total turnover of over 550 million euros in 2016/17. The MYTOYS GROUP is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Germany. Headquartered in Berlin, the group has successfully developed the myToys brand since 1999. Operating via their 16 high-street stores and formidable online presence they are regarded as Germany’s top choice for toys and children’s products. As one of the leading multi-channel providers for children’s products in the wider German-speaking countries, the MYTOYS GROUP currently employs more than 1,500 people, making it the third* largest employer in the digital sector in Germany.

*Ranking of the digital agency Piabo and the personnel strategy consultancy i-potentials.

Blitz Report™ as an Oracle EBS reporting solution for the MYTOYS Group: fast, simple and efficient

Enginatics deployed Blitz Report™ to identify and analyze the optimization options of myToys’ application suite

The MYTOYS GROUP has been successfully working with the Oracle E-Business Suite from their first day of operation. After upgrading from version 11.5.10 to version 12.2.5 in Spring 2016, myToys selected Enginatics GmbH to provide help and support with system ​​performance, optimization, and tuning across their latest Oracle platform. Enginatics deployed their reporting software Blitz Report to quickly identify and analyze the optimization options across the entire applications suite and the supporting architecture.

Once deployed, the myToys ERP development team quickly discovered the many advantages, and the power of the Blitz Report solution.

“Compared to our old reporting solution, new reports are created much faster and easier. The fewer the number of routine tasks we need to complete, the more time can be spent on other challenging projects…”

Ralf Schmilewski, Head of ERP Development

Blitz Report™ saves valuable report development time

The myToys development team compared Blitz Report to their previous reporting solution and concluded that considerable and valuable time developing reports was saved. Consequently, the ERP team were able to focus on wide-scale report optimizations, which inherently increased reporting efficiency. “For this reason, we have decided to gradually switch our entire operational reporting to Blitz Report,” commented Schmilewski.

The installation of Blitz Report took only a couple of minutes thanks to the lean architecture of the software. In the final step, the existing legacy reports were quickly and easily imported into Blitz Report using straightforward SQL scripting techniques.

“Blitz Report is now used throughout the company. Our IT makes use of it for fast system analysis, and, especially in day-to-day operations, users can easily find the data they need,” says Schmilewski.

“From accounting users to the various managers and heads of department, our employees are especially impressed by the user-friendly interface and the well-formatted Excel output files.”

Ralf Schmilewski, Head of ERP Development

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