JA India GSTR-2 Return

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Asia/Pacific Localizations
Source: India GSTR-2 Return Report
Short Name: JAIGSTR2

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                                   select    THIRD_PARTY_REG_NUM ctin,
                                             TAX_INVOICE_NUMBER boenum,
                                             to_char(TAX_INVOICE_DATE) boedt,
                                            -- TAX_INVOICE_VALUE,
                                             TAX_RATE rate,
                                             TAXABLE_AMT taxval,
                                             IGST igst,
                                             CESS cess,
                                             SGST sgst,
                                             CGST cgst,
                                             STATE pos,
											 'A' flag,
                                             INELIG_ITC_FLAG elig,
                                             ITC_IGST itc_igst,
                                             ITC_CESS itc_cess,
                                             ITC_CGST itc_cgst,
                                             ITC_SGST itc_sgst,
                                             INV_CHECK_SUM_VAL chksum,
                                             rownum num,
                                             REV_GSTIN revctin,
                                             REV_INV_NUM revinum,
                                             REV_INV_DATE revidt,
                                             REV_INV_VAL revinvval,
                                             NOTE_TYPE ntty,
                                             P_GST p_gst,
                                             RSN rsn,
                                     from JAI_GST_REP_TRX_DETAIL_T
                                     where SECTION_CODE='CDN'
									 and ATTRIBUTE12='GSTR2'
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Tax Regime
LOV Oracle
Registration Number
LOV Oracle
Return Period(MONYYYY)