Team commitment to service and support

Blitz Report has a number of great features that help our EBS customers get the answers they need to make better decisions more quickly. Features like delivering the required data as native Excel files, reduced processing overhead so performance is incredibly fast, and column templates that allow users to customize any report by removing or reordering columns so they only receive the data they need – and those are just a few of the recent enhancements to Blitz Report.

Perhaps one of the lesser-known benefits of Blitz Report is our team’s commitment to service and support. It’s a big part of who we are.

Part of this commitment is the ongoing development of the Blitz Report Library. The library continues to grow based on requests from customers and suggestions from the Oracle EBS community. This feedback is an excellent opportunity to enhance the library, so each new suggested report is carefully analyzed & developed to ensure it’s a report that will be valuable to the widest possible audience.

The Challenge

Recently, a customer mentioned that their accounting department has regularly expressed frustration with the EBS standard accounts receivable report – “Aging – 7 Buckets – By Salesperson/Agent”. Specifically, the business users were frustrated that the “printed” format of the report means there isn’t an easy way to perform simple analysis tasks like displaying the values for a single customer or filtering the report to focus on one salesperson/agent.

We accepted this as a challenge and launched a development project.

Oracle Standard Report – AR Aged – 7 Buckets – By Salesperson/Agent

The “printed” format of this Oracle standard report is easy to read but it’s very difficult to analyze. In this format, the data can’t be sorted and it can’t be filtered to focus the results on targeted accounts or a salesperson/agent

Oracle Standard - AR Aging - 7 Buckets - By Salesperson_Agent

The AR Aging – 7 Buckets – By Salesperson/Agent was created in Blitz Report and shared with several existing and prospective customers. We received so much positive feedback that this report is now part of our “seeded reports” package and will be delivered with each new Blitz Report installation.

Of course, it’s also available to all existing customers as part of the latest update. If they want to start using the report right away, they can download and install the report definition directly from the Blitz Report library and import it into their installation.

Access report sample with data

If you’d like to see an example of the output from the report, this link will take you to the report’s page in the Blitz Report library. Look for the “Download” section on the right-hand side and then use the “xls” icon to download an Excel file with sample data.

Blitz Report - AR Aging - 7 Buckets - By Salesperson_Agent

Improve your Oracle EBS reporting with Blitz Report

Blitz Report has a very attractive licensing and pricing model. Get started today by downloading Blitz Report and installing it in your Oracle EBS environment with a complimentary, three-month “Proof of Concept” license.