Concurrent Request Management

Critical concurrent requests should be monitored at all times to prevent problems in downstream processes. The standard method is to use Oracle Alert and email the output to the support or database teams. Other techniques involve running SQL with time based schedules handled by Cron.

The alert method is somewhat out-dated, emails are in text format and Excel exception files cannot be sent.

In this article we cover the standard exception reporting method from the Blitz Report team at Enginatics.

If you would like to try any of the steps below, login to our live demo instance and use the developer login.

Blitz Report also perfectly compliments the need for Excel output related to Oracle Enterprise Command Centers, we have an environment available on the same demo link above but instead use the login credentials of ecc/blitz

Blitz Report – FND Concurrent Requests

Blitz Report is seeded with several database and system administrator reports that facilitate monitoring and performance tuning of Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

The parameters of the report have been developed to pinpoint problematic concurrent requests, allowing inclusion and exclusion of specific programs with the output Excel file emailed to the relevant teams in order to take expatiate actions.

Alert - Concurrent Requests - Parameters

ParameterMulti-SelectExplanation / examples
Concurrent Program Name*Autoinvoice Master Program;Planning Data Pull
Concurrent Progr. (all languages)
Concurrent Program Short Nameshort name selection
Request Id
Requested By
Started within Days3
Scheduled or RunningSet this to Yes to get a list of all currently scheduled or running requests
Waiting for x Minutesuse this for long waiting requests
Running longer than x Minutesuse this for long running requests
PhaseCompleted, etc
Status*Error;Warning, etc
Show Parameters Display ValuesShows parameter names and translated display values of request's parameter values. Please note that a setting to 'Yes' could slow down report execution significantly.
Show BI Pub & Delivery OptionsShows BI publisher and delivery options information such as the publisher template and output file, post processor result, delivery email or ftp information
Show active session SQL TextInclude an additional column with the SQL text. this might slow down the execution. The ID can be analysed by the a number of Blitz Reports such as DBA AWR SQL Execution Plan History
Parameter Text containsallows selection of requests based on parameter text
Request Set NameUse this if the request has a set name
Execution Methode.g. submission methods such as Immediate, PL/SQL Stored Procedure, Java Concurrent Program, etc
Executable Short Name
Running from TimestampAllows selection from a specific date - timestamp
Running to TimestampAllows selection unto a specific date - timestamp
Requested Start Date From
Requested Start Date To
Nodeallows selection of the specific nodes that ran the requests
Manager Name
Operating Unit
Exclude Conc Program Nameexclusion list of programs
Incremental Alert ModeOnly show requests since the last scheduled report run

Blitz Report Output and Scheduling

Once the report is run, it will be submitted via the concurrent manager and the Excel report will open immediately. Since the Blitz Report is a standard concurrent request program it is available for scheduling submission. For tracking of failing requests, we would advocate sending the request output to the supporting teams on a schedule that befits the programs that you need to monitor.

Utilization of the incremental parameter will ensure that repeat requests will not be reported every time the alert runs, instead the report will list only the latest problematic requests since the latest run.

There are a number of FND and DBA monitor requests that are seeded with the Blitz Report available in our library.

The report screen shots can be reviewed below, or you can review the actual file here:

FND_Concurrent_Requests – example

Evaluation of Blitz Report

To evaluate any of the above reports, download and install the free version of Blitz Report.

We think the best way to find out what Blitz Report can do for your business is a live demonstration.

Depending on your location we can schedule an onsite appointment or a remote video call. Or in the meantime, you can review the short video overview below.

The Blitz Report™ software is free to use for your first 30 reports, you can plan a 30 minutes guided installation with the team at