Blitz Report™ Library

This library is a free open source SQL knowledge base for Oracle E-Business Suite customers and IT professionals. It mainly consists of SQLs that we wrote (category: Enginatics) and SQLs imported from Oracle’s BI Publisher reports (category: Oracle Standard).

If you have the Bitz Report software installed, you can download a single or multiple reports as a SQL script for automated installation, including parameters, LOVs and category assignments.

If you would like to try one of these SQLs without having Blitz Report installed, as SQLs are composed dynamically at runtime, best copy the query from the second tab of the example Excel sheet rather than from the report’s webpage. Note that some of the reports require functions from utility package xxen_util.

To facilitate development work, there are hyperlinks on table names to navigate directly to the table’s Oracle ETRM record.

We also encourage you to contribute by adding your own SQL reports or suggesting enhancements and corrections to existing SQLs.
To add new reports, simply log in to our online demo environment, create a Blitz Report and it will automatically show up in this library (creation of a Blitz Report is shown here).