Supply Chain Hub overview

At Enginatics, we believe that inventory supply planning should be supported by intuitive tools that allow the handling of large amounts of supply chain data with the ability to analyse order backlog and take actions in a more optimal way.

The Supply Chain Hub has been developed specifically for inventory supply planning in mind, and can fully replace the standard Oracle Inventory Supply and Demand functionality, but it goes much further than that, with several transaction and inquiry forms combining to provide capability beyond any standard offering from Oracle.

The Hub is intuitive and has all the essential forms and reports in one central hub, including: Items, Indented Bill of Materials and Supply and Demand with drill down to any order source form, and with the addition of right click you can open the standard Oracle setup forms such as Items, Routing, Costs, BOM’s etc.

Users can change the inventory organization from within the form and then run any of the registered Blitz Reports which are exported immediately to Excel; there are no laborious hour glass waits per standard Oracle forms since Blitz Reports are sent via the standard concurrent manager as requests.

Searching in the Hub

The Search form has been designed with supply planners in mind; every field that a planner would likely need is already available, from Make/Buy, Planner, Buyer, Item Category, etc. If you need additional search criteria then this is also fully configurable by a key user of the Blitz Report software.

We aim to provide a supply chain hub that can be configured by functional business consultants or key super users rather than having to get expensive IT resources involved.

Items / Indented Bill of Materials

The level of explosion of the bill of material can be controlled on the left side of the form, other filters can be applied such as make / buy, planner, buyer, etc.

The supply planner is able to use right click on any record to inquire further on Item details, BOM’s, Costs, Material Transactions, Routing, Where Used, etc.

Supply / Demand drill down capability

From the Supply/Demand form, you drill down into the originating supply or demand order forms. For example, you are investigating a late supply situation and want to analyse the status of a requisition. Simply click on the order reference to open the originating transaction form.

Additional context drill down forms can be added by functional or key business users rather than expensive IT development.

Running Blitz Reports from within the Hub

Blitz Reports are processed through the standard concurrent manager; program registration is not required as these are maintained through Blitz Report. The Blitz Report Excel output does not suffer long delays like the standard form export with hour glass waits.

The on screen output (multi-select rows in form for the item reports) can be sent to a Blitz Report Excel with perfectly formatted columns in terms of width and data format as presented in Oracle forms. Or you can run with any conditions you need, and if a parameter or column is not there, then simply add it yourself.

Development with Blitz Report is straight-forward as it doesn’t require registration of concurrent programs in system admin, nor do files need to be uploaded to the server; instead they are all version controlled by the Blitz Report architecture, thereby minimizing IT workload.

There are no data limits with Blitz Report output, if you hit the max, it automatically adds a second and third data sheet, etc. We allow you to customize our Blitz Reports and add your own reports to the Supply Chain Hub.

The standard seeded reports are as follows:

  • Onhand Quantities
  • Material Transactions
  • Forecast (discrete tables)
  • Orders Headers and Lines
  • WIP Entities
  • Purchase Orders Headers and Lines
  • MRP Exceptions, etc

Item Details

The Details form brings in key item information such as price, categories, planning and weight attributes.

Forecast Region

As you search for an item or multiple items, the related forecasts can be viewed in the forecast form.

This form uses the standard Oracle MRP tables that can be loaded in the Inventory module.

Hub Summary and Video Tutorial

  • Configurable search criteria with multi-value select based on Blitz Report.
  • Export data using the included reports to send data to formatted Excel sheets with no data restrictions.
  • Hub users can drill down on any product to open standard Oracle inquiry forms such as Material Transactions, Costs, Items and BOM’s.
  • Seeded reports include Items, Material Transactions, Pegging, Exceptions, Forecast, Sales and Purchase Orders, WIP Entities and Onhand.
  • Explode your Bill of Materials, with multi level control and further filtering capabilities.
  • The Inventory Organization can be changed without leaving the Hub.
  • In the Supply/Demand form, users can drill down into originating transaction forms such as Sales and Purchase orders.
  • Full product attribute details available on all reports and further product information is available in the Hub Detail form.

The form is available with the Blitz Report licence and is fully functional for all supply chain users of Inventory, Bill of Materials, Work in Progress, Purchasing and Order Management.

We are currently analyzing interest from our Advanced Supply Chain Planning user community to determine if we should also port as a replacement to the Planners Workbench since it is already covering 80% of the existing planners activities, please let us know by comments or email if you appreciate this functionality.

Contact us for a live demo or with your individual request. We think the best way to find out what Blitz Report can do for your business is a live demonstration. Depending on your location we can schedule an onsite appointment or a remote video call. Or in the meantime, you can review the short video overview below.

The Blitz Reportsoftware is free to use for your first 30 reports, you can plan a 30 minutes guided installation with the team at