PQP TP MDC Reconciliation Report - Excel Output

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Public Sector Payroll
Source: PQP TP MDC Reconciliation Report - Excel Output
DB package:

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					select distinct    PERSON_ID
                                   ,val_01   ADDUPDATE
								   ,val_02   MEMREFNUM
								   ,val_03   NINUMBER
								   ,val_04   FORENAME
								   ,val_05   SURNAME
								   ,val_06   ADDLINE1
								   ,val_07   ADDLINE2
								   ,val_08   ADDLINE3
								   ,val_09   ADDLINE4
								   ,val_10   ADDLINE5
								   ,val_11   POSTCODE
								   ,val_12   DOB
								   ,val_13   LOCALAUTHNO
								   ,val_14   ESTBNO
								   ,val_15   STARTDATE
								   ,val_16   ENDDATE
								   ,val_17   WDCONFIRM
								   ,val_18   DAYSEXCLUDED
								   ,val_19   FTPTINDI
								   ,val_20   ANNUALFTSAL
								   ,val_21   PTSALPTD
								   ,val_22   ADDLCONPTD
								   ,val_23   OVERTIMEPTD
								   ,val_24   EMAIL
								   ,val_25   EERCONPTD
								   ,val_26   EESCONPTD    
								   ,val_27   GENDER 	   
								   ,nvl(val_41,0)   PTSALYTD
								   ,nvl(val_42,0)   ADDLCONYTD
								   ,nvl(val_43,0)   OVERTIMEYTD
								   ,nvl(val_44,0)   EERCONYTD    
								   ,nvl(val_45,0)   EESCONYTD 
						from   ben_ext_rslt ber,
                               ben_ext_rslt_dtl berd,
                               fnd_concurrent_requests fcr1,
                               fnd_concurrent_requests fcr2
						where   fcr1.request_id =  :P_REQUEST_ID
						and     fcr2.parent_request_id = fcr1.request_id
						and     fcr2.request_id  = ber.REQUEST_ID
						and     ber.EXT_RSLT_ID = berd.EXT_RSLT_ID
						and     ber.BUSINESS_GROUP_ID = berd.BUSINESS_GROUP_ID
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Request ID
LOV Oracle