GMI Lot Status Master

Categories: BI Publisher
Imported from BI Publisher
Description: Lot Status Master Report of OPM IC
Application: Process Manufacturing Inventory
Source: Lot Status Master Report (XML)
Short Name: RILSM_XML

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	lot_status 	Status,
	status_desc 	Description , 
	qchold_res_code	Reason_Code,
	Nettable_Ind 	Nettable,
	order_proc_ind 	Order_Proc,
	prod_ind 		Production,
	shipping_ind 	shipping,
	rejected_ind 	Rejected
from  	ic_lots_sts
where 	lot_status >= NVL(:From_Status,'0')
and 	lot_status<= NVL(:To_Status ,'zzzz')
and     	delete_mark=DECODE(:select_criteria,'All',delete_mark,'Deleted',1,0)
order by 	lot_status  &ORDERCF
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
From Status
LOV Oracle
To Status
LOV Oracle
Select Criteria
LOV Oracle
Order By
LOV Oracle