GMI Inventory Edit Journal

Categories: BI Publisher
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Description: Inventory Edit Journal Report of OPM IC
Application: Process Manufacturing Inventory
Source: Inventory Edit Journal Report (XML)
Short Name: RIEDJL_XML

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SELECT    b.journal_no,b.journal_comment, a.doc_line,  a.last_updated_by,  a.trans_type,
                   i.item_no,   a.whse_code, a.location,   a.qty,    a.item_um,
                  a.qc_grade,   a.lot_status,  a.reason_code,  decode(l.lot_no,'DEFAULT LOT',' ',l.lot_no)  lot_no,
                  l.sublot_no,  a.qty2,  a.item_um2, 
                  s.orgn_code,  s.orgn_name, 
	GMI_RIEDJL_XMLP_PKG.username_formulaformula(a.last_updated_by) Username_formula
FROM        ic_jrnl_mst b,   ic_adjs_jnl a, 
                  ic_item_mst i,   ic_lots_mst l,  sy_orgn_mst s
WHERE     b.journal_id = a.journal_id 
                  and  a.item_id = i.item_id 
                  and  a.item_id = l.item_id  
                  and  a.lot_id = l.lot_id  
                  and  b.delete_mark = 0
                  and  b.posted_ind = 0
                  and s.orgn_code = :P_orgn
                  and  b.journal_no between 
                  and  rtrim(nvl(:to_journal,'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'))
order by      &sortCp
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
LOV Oracle
From Journal
LOV Oracle
To Journal
LOV Oracle
Sort Order
LOV Oracle