PQH IPEDS Report - Staff Survey (S1) - Part A(obsoleted)

Categories: BI Publisher
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Application: Public Sector HR
Source: IPEDS Report - Staff Survey (S1) - Part A (XML) (obsoleted)
Short Name: PQIPED5_XML

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SELECT value1 Line1,
       attribute2 disp_name,
       value2 NRMen1,
       value3 NRWmen1,
       value4 BnHMen1,
       value5 BnHWmen1,
       value6 Am_AlMen1,
       value7 Am_AlWmen1,
       value8 A_PMen1,
       value9 A_PWmen1,
       value10 HMen1,
       value11 HWmen1,
       value12 WnHMen1,
       value13 WnHWmen1,
       value14 URMen1,
       value15 URWmen1,
       value16 TotMen1,
       value17 TotWmen1,
	   value18 NH_OPMen1,
	   value19 NH_OPWmen1,
	   value20 TmRMen1,
       value21 TmRWmen1
FROM pay_us_rpt_totals
WHERE session_id = userenv('sessionid')
AND attribute1 = 'IPED5'
and attribute2 = 'Less than 9 months'
 and value1=:lineNo
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Reporting Date