JL Colombian Third Party / Account Report- Not Supported: Reserved For Future Use

Categories: BI Publisher
Imported from BI Publisher
Description: Colombian Third Party / Account Report
Application: Latin America Localizations
Source: Colombian Third Party / Account Report (XML) - Not Supported: Reserved For Future Use

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SELECT	nit.nit NIT,
	nit.name NAME,
	bal.nit_id NIT_ID,
	bal.account_code ACCOUNT,
	acc.description DESCRIPTION,
	bal.period_name PERIOD,
                  glc.user_je_category_name CATEGORY,
	jeb.name BATCH_NAME,
	jeh.name JOURNAL,
	trx.je_batch_id BATCH,
	trx.je_header_id JOURNAL2,
	trx.document_number DOCUMENT,
	jeh.doc_sequence_value DOC_SEQUENCE,
	trx.accounting_date ADATE,
	nvl(trx.accounted_dr,0) DEBITS,
	nvl(trx.accounted_cr,0) CREDITS,
	nvl(trx.entered_dr,0) ODEBITS,
	nvl(trx.entered_cr,0) OCREDITS,
	bal.currency_code CURRENCY1,
	bal.currency_code CURRENCY2,
	cc.code_combination_id CCID
FROM	jl_co_gl_trx trx,
               gl_code_combinations cc,
                jl_co_gl_nits nit,
	jl_co_gl_nit_accts_v acc,
               gl_je_batches jeb,
               gl_je_headers jeh ,
               gl_je_categories glc,
                jl_co_gl_balances bal
WHERE	bal.set_of_books_id = :P_SET_OF_BOOKS_ID
AND 	trx.je_batch_id = jeb.je_batch_id(+)
AND	trx.je_header_id = jeh.je_header_id(+)
AND	cc.chart_of_accounts_id = :STRUCT_NUM
AND	cc.chart_of_accounts_id = acc.chart_of_accounts_id
AND	cc.code_combination_id = bal.code_combination_id
AND	nit.nit_id = bal.nit_id
AND	acc.account_code = bal.account_code
AND           trx.category = jeh.je_category(+)
AND           jeh.je_category = glc.je_category_name(+)
AND	to_number(to_char(bal.period_year)||LPAD(to_char(bal.period_num),2,'0'))
                BETWEEN  to_number(to_char(:C_PYEAR2)||LPAD(to_char(:C_PNUM2),2,'0'))
AND	to_number(to_char(:C_PYEAR3)||LPAD(to_char(:C_PNUM3),2,'0'))
AND	nit.nit BETWEEN  to_number(:P_START_NIT) AND to_number(:P_END_NIT)       
AND     bal.code_combination_id = trx.code_combination_id(+)
AND     bal.period_name   = trx.period_name(+)
and       bal.nit_id = trx.nit_id(+)
ORDER BY nit.nit, trx.account_code,trx.accounting_date
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Operating Unit
Company Name
LOV Oracle
Starting Period
LOV Oracle
Ending Period
LOV Oracle
Starting Third Party ID
LOV Oracle
Ending Third Party ID
LOV Oracle