JG EMEA VAT: Audit AR Extract

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Regional Localizations
Source: EMEA VAT: Audit AR Extract
DB package: jg_zz_audit_ar_pkg

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   SELECT jg_info_v1                           AR_DOC_SEQ_VALUE
         ,jg_info_v2                           AR_CUSTOMER_NAME
         ,jg_info_v3                           AR_ADDRESS1
         ,jg_info_v4                           AR_CUSTOMER_NUMBER
         ,jg_info_v5                           AR_POSTAL_CODE
         ,jg_info_v6                           AR_CITY
         ,jg_info_v7                           AR_CLASS
         ,jg_info_v8                           AR_DOC_NUMBER
         ,jg_info_v9                           AR_INVOICE_TYPE
         ,jg_info_v10                          AR_TAX_REFERENCE
         ,jg_info_v11                          AR_FUNCTIONAL_CURRENCY_CODE
         ,jg_info_v12                          AR_VAT_BOX
         ,jg_info_v13                          AR_VAT_BOX_DESC
         ,jg_info_v14                          AR_TRANSACTION_DESC
         ,jg_info_d1                           AR_DOCUMENT_DATE
         ,jg_info_d2                           AR_GL_DATE
         ,jg_info_d3                           AR_TAX_DATE
         ,jg_info_n1                           AR_TOTAL_AMOUNT
         ,jg_info_n2                           AR_TAXABLE_AMOUNT
         ,jg_info_n3                           AR_TAX_AMOUNT
   FROM jg_zz_vat_trx_gt
   WHERE (:p_report_name = 'AUDIT-AR' OR :p_report_name IS NULL)
   AND    NVL(jg_info_v30,'X') <> 'H'
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Reporting Identifier
LOV Oracle
Tax Calendar Period
LOV Oracle