FEM Writeback Balances to General Gedger Data Source

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Enterprise Performance Foundation (Obsolete)
DB package:

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SELECT flt.ledger_name LEDGER_NAME,               
                      fcpt.cal_period_name CAL_PERIOD_NAME,
                      fdt.dataset_name DATASET_NAME,
                      fdbt.ds_balance_type_name BALANCE_TYPE_NAME,
					  fct_source.name SOURCE_CURRENCY_NAME,
					  fct_target.name TARGET_CURRENCY_NAME
                 FROM fem_ledgers_tl flt,
                      fem_cal_periods_tl fcpt,
                      fem_datasets_tl fdt,
                      fem_ds_balance_types_tl fdbt,
					  fnd_currencies_tl fct_source,
					  fnd_currencies_tl fct_target
                WHERE flt.ledger_id = :p_ledger_name
                  AND flt.language = userenv('LANG')
                  AND fcpt.cal_period_id = :p_source_period_name
                  AND fcpt.language = userenv('LANG')
                  AND fdt.dataset_code = :p_dataset_name
                  AND fdt.language = userenv('LANG')
                  AND fdbt.ds_balance_type_code = decode(:pBalanceTypeCode,'A','ACTUAL','B','BUDGET','E','ENCUMBRANCE','N/A')
				  AND fdbt.language = userenv('LANG')
                  AND fct_source.currency_code = :pSourceCurrencyCode
				  AND fct_source.language = userenv('LANG')
                  AND fct_target.currency_code = :pTargetCurrencyCode
				  AND fct_target.language = userenv('LANG')