FA Asset Tax Accounting Card (Russia)

Categories: BI Publisher
Imported from BI Publisher
Application: Assets
Source: Asset Tax Accounting Card (Russia)
Short Name: FASTAC

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	   --This Query selects the list of Assets,which satisfies the input selection parameters--
	            SELECT  FADD.asset_id                           asset_id
			           ,FADD.asset_number     					asset_number
	                   ,FADD.description      					asset_name
	                   ,FB.date_placed_in_service   			date_placed_in_service
                       ,FADD.&lc_state_reg_date   				state_registration_filing_date
	                   ,FB.prorate_date  					    prorate_date
	                   ,NVL(decode(FM.rate_source_rule, 'FLAT', (12*FFR.&lc_years + FFR.&lc_months)
	                   ,fnd_flex_xml_publisher_apis.process_kff_combination_1('cat_flex_select', 'OFA', 'CAT#', 101, NULL, fc.CATEGORY_ID, 'ALL', 'N', 'DESCRIPTION')  				        asset_category
	                   ,FB.deprn_method_code    			    depreciation_method
	                   ,NVL(FB.adjusted_recoverable_cost,0)		recoverable_cost
	                   ,NVL(FDS.deprn_amount,0)					monthly_amount_of_depreciation
	                   ,FDP.period_name   						last_depreciation_period
	                   ,FDS.deprn_reserve  					    accumulated_depreciation
                FROM    fa_additions         FADD
  	                   ,fa_books             FB
	                   ,fa_methods           FM
	                   ,fa_deprn_summary     FDS
	                   ,fa_deprn_periods     FDP
	                   ,fa_categories        FC
					   ,fa_flat_rates	     FFR
                WHERE   FADD.asset_number         = NVL(:P_ASSET_NUMBER,FADD.asset_number)
                AND     FB.asset_id               = FADD.asset_id
                AND     FB.deprn_method_code      = FM.method_code
                AND     NVL(FB.life_in_months,-1) = NVL(FM.life_in_months,-1)
                AND     FDS.asset_id              = FADD.asset_id
                AND     FDS.book_type_code        = FDP.book_type_code
                AND     FDS.period_counter        = FDP.period_counter
                AND     FDP.book_type_code        = FB.book_type_code
                AND     FDP.period_counter        =(SELECT MAX(FDS1.period_counter)
 	 					                            FROM   fa_deprn_summary FDS1
						                            WHERE  FDS1.asset_id       = FADD.asset_id
						                            AND    FDS1.book_type_code = FB.book_type_code)
				 AND    ((FM.rate_source_rule = 'FLAT'
	                      AND  FFR.basic_rate = FB.basic_rate
                          AND  FFR.adjusted_rate = FB.adjusted_rate)
                         (NVL(FM.life_in_months,-1)  =  NVL(FB.life_in_months,-1)
                          AND  FM.rate_source_rule   <> 'FLAT'))
				and     FM.method_id=FFR.method_id(+)
                AND     FB.date_ineffective is null          
                AND     FB.book_type_code          = :P_BOOK_NAME
                AND     FADD.asset_category_id     = FC.category_id
                AND     FC.category_id             = NVL(:P_ASSET_CATEGORY,FC.category_id)
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Book Name
LOV Oracle
Asset Category
Asset Number
LOV Oracle