AR Receipts Without Sites

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Receivables
Source: Receipts Without Sites Report (XML)
Short Name: ARXRWS_XML
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SELECT  substrb(party.party_name,1,50)			   C_CUSTOMER_NAME,
	c.account_number				  C_CUSTOMER_NUM,
	cr.receipt_number				  C_RECEIPT_NUM,						  C_BATCH_NAME,						  C_PAYMENT_METHOD,
	cba.bank_account_name				  C_BANK_ACCOUNT_NAME, 
	cr.currency_code				  C_CURRENCY, 
	cr.amount					  C_CR_AMOUNT
FROM    ar_cash_receipts cr, 
	hz_cust_accounts c,
	hz_parties party,
	ar_cash_receipt_history crh, 
	ar_batches b, 
	ar_receipt_methods rm, 
                ce_bank_acct_uses ba,
                ce_bank_accounts cba
WHERE   cr.pay_from_customer = c.cust_account_id(+)
AND     c.party_id = party.party_id(+)
AND     cr.cash_receipt_id = crh.cash_receipt_id
AND     crh.first_posted_record_flag = 'Y'
AND     crh.batch_id = b.batch_id(+)
AND     cr.receipt_method_id = rm.receipt_method_id
AND     cr.remit_bank_acct_use_id = ba.bank_acct_use_id(+)
AND     ba.bank_account_id = cba.bank_account_id (+)
AND     cr.customer_site_use_id is null
AND	nvl(cr.confirmed_flag, 'Y') = 'Y'
AND	nvl(cr.type,'x') != 'MISC' 
ORDER BY cr.currency_code, party.party_name, c.account_number,