JE Belgian VAT Annual Declaration Process

Categories: BI Publisher
Imported from BI Publisher
Application: European Localizations
Source: Belgian VAT Annual Declaration Process Report
DB package: jg_zz_turnover_ar_pkg

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      SELECT JG.account_description         ACCOUNT_DESCRIPTION
          , JG.account_flexfield           ACCOUNT
          , JG.accounting_date             GL_DATE
          , JG.applied_to_trx_number       APPLIED_TO_TRX_NUMBER
          , JG.billing_tp_name             VENDOR_NAME
          , JG.billing_tp_number           VENDOR_NUMBER
          , JG.cancel_flag                 TRX_CANCEL_FLAG
          , JG.cancelled_date              TRX_CANCELLED_DATE
          , JG.currency_conversion_rate    EXCHANGE_RATE
          , JG.doc_seq_name                DOCUMENT_SEQ_NAME
          , JG.doc_seq_value               DOCUMENT_SEQ_VALUE
          , JG.event_class_code            EVENT_CLASS_CODE
          , JG.extract_source_ledger       EXTRACT_SOURCE_LEDGER
          , JG.extract_source_ledger       SOURCE_LEDGER
          , JG.legal_contact_party_name    CONTACT_NAME
          , JG.offset_flag                 TAX_OFFSET_FLAG
          , JG.posted_flag                 POSTED_FLAG
          , JG.rep_context_entity_location_id  LE_LOCATION_ID
          , JG.rep_context_entity_name     LEGAL_ENTITY_NAME
          , JG.tax_amt                     TAX_AMOUNT
          , JG.tax_amt_funcl_curr          TAX_AMOUNT_FUNCL_CURR
          , JG.tax_rate                    TAX_RATE
          , JG.tax_rate_code               TAX_CODE_RATE
          , JG.tax_rate_vat_trx_type_code  TAX_RATE_VAT_TRX_TYPE_CODE
          , JG.tax_rate_vat_trx_type_desc  TAX_RATE_VAT_TRX_TYPE_DESC
          , JG.tax_recoverable_flag        TAX_RECOVERABLE_FLAG
          , JG.tax_recovery_rate           TAX_RECV_RATE
          , JG.tax_type_code               TAX_TYPE_CODE
          , JG.tax_type_mng                TAX_TYPE_MEANING
          , JG.taxable_amt                 TAXABLE_AMOUNT
          , JG.taxable_amt_funcl_curr      TAXABLE_AMT_FUNCL_CURR
          , JG.trx_id                      TRANSACTION_ID
          , JG.trx_line_class              TAX_CLASS
          , JG.trx_line_id                 TRX_LINE_ID
          , JG.trx_line_number             LINE_NUMBER
          , JG.trx_number                  INVOICE
          , JZVRS.period_end_date          PERIOD_END_DATE
          , JZVRS.period_start_date        PERIOD_START_DATE
          , JZVRS.tax_calendar_name        PERIOD_NAME
          , JZVRS.tax_calendar_year        PERIOD_YEAR
          , JZVRS.tax_registration_number  LE_TAX_REGISTRATION_NUMBER
      FROM     jg_zz_vat_trx_details    JG
              ,jg_zz_vat_rep_status     JZVRS
              ,ra_cust_trx_types        RTT
      AND   JZVRS.vat_reporting_entity_id   = :P_VAT_REP_ENTITY_ID
      AND   JZVRS.tax_calendar_year         = :P_PERIOD
      AND   JZVRS.source                    = 'AR'
      AND   JG.reporting_status_id          = JZVRS.reporting_status_id
      AND   RTT.cust_trx_type_id            = JG.trx_type_id
      AND   RTT.TYPE                        IN ('INV','CM','DM')
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Reporting Identifier
LOV Oracle
Tax Calendar Year
LOV Oracle
Minimum Transaction Value