FV Party Trading Partner TAS Not Found

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Federal Financials
Source: Party Trading Partner TAS Not Found Report
DB package:

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 SELECT ftso.treasury_symbol old_tp_tas_sup
  FROM fv_roll_tp_tas fvr, fv_tp_treasury_symbols ftso,
       ap_suppliers aps, ap_supplier_sites_all apsa
 WHERE fvr.org_id = :P_ORG_ID
 AND fvr.party_type = 'S'
 AND fvr.new_tp_tas_id IS NULL
 AND fvr.exception_type = 'NO_NEW_TP_TAS'
 AND ftso.treasury_symbol_id = fvr.old_tp_tas_id
 AND aps.vendor_id = fvr.party_id
 AND apsa.vendor_site_id = fvr.party_acct_site_id
 ORDER BY aps.vendor_name