PAY Gender Pay Gap

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Payroll
Source: Gender Pay Gap Report
DB package:

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					SELECT  ppa.business_group_id business_group_id
                          , decode (substr (pay_gb_eoy_archive.get_parameter (ppa.legislative_parameters, 'PAYE_REF'), 1, 20), NULL
                          , 'All', substr (pay_gb_eoy_archive.get_parameter (ppa.legislative_parameters, 'PAYE_REF'), 1 , 20)) PAYE_REFERENCE
                          , nvl (papf.payroll_name, 'All') PAYROLL_ID
                          , to_char (fnd_date.canonical_to_date (pay_gb_eoy_archive.get_parameter (legislative_parameters, 'SNAP_DATE')),'dd-MON-yyyy') SNAP_DATE
                   FROM    pay_payroll_actions ppa
                         , pay_all_payrolls_f papf
                   WHERE   ppa.payroll_action_id = :PAYROLL_ACTION_ID
                     AND     substr (pay_gb_eoy_archive.get_parameter (ppa.legislative_parameters, 'PAYROLL_ID'), 1 , 20) = papf.payroll_id (+)
                     AND     sysdate
                                   BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date (+)
                               AND     papf.effective_end_date (+)
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Archive request ID
LOV Oracle