IGI CIS Resubmit: Monthly Returns History

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Public Sector Financials International
Source: IGI CIS Resubmit: Monthly Returns History Report
DB package:
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select header_id hdr1,vendor_name ven,vendor_id ven_id, version_num vnum,
unique_tax_reference_num utrn, sum(NVL(total_payments,0)) pay, sum(NVL(material_cost,0)) mat,
 sum(NVL(cis_tax,0)) ded,
sum(NVL(labour_cost,0)) TX
from IGI_CIS_MTH_RET_LINES_H where header_id in (select header_id
from igi_cis_mth_ret_hdr_h where status='FINAL' 
and period_name=:P_PERIOD_NAME
and to_char(version_num) like NVL(to_char(:P_VER_NUM),'%'))
group by header_id,vendor_name,vendor_id,version_num,unique_tax_reference_num
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Period Name
LOV Oracle
Version Number
LOV Oracle