GR Hazard Classification Code Details

Categories: BI Publisher, Manufacturing
Columns: Hazard Classification Code, Calculation Hierarchy, Hazard Group Code, Hazard Description, Language ...
Application: Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management
Source: Hazard Classification Code Details Report (XML)
Short Name: GRRPT931_XML
DB package: GR_GRRPT931_XMLP_PKG
select a.hazard_classification_code,a.calculation_hierarchy,a.hazard_group_code ,
            from gr_eurohazards_b a , gr_eurohazards_tl b
            where a.hazard_classification_code = b.hazard_classification_code
            and (:P_language_select1 is null or b.language >= :P_language_select1)
            and (:P_language_select2 is null or b.language <= :P_language_select2)
            order by 1, b.language
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
To Language
LOV Oracle
From Language
LOV Oracle
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