FEM Writeback Balances to General Gedger Error Base Data Source

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Enterprise Performance Foundation (Obsolete)
DB package:

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SELECT flit.company_cost_center_org_name DIM_MEMBER_NAME,
                       flit.description DESCRIPTION,
                       fvst.value_set_name VALUE_SET_NAME,
                       fdt.dimension_name DIMENSION_NAME
                  FROM fem_cctr_orgs_tl          flit,
                       fem_value_sets_b         fvsb,
                       fem_value_sets_tl        fvst,
                       fem_dimensions_tl        fdt,
                       fem_global_vs_combo_defs fgvcd,
                       fem_xdim_dimensions      fxd,
                       fem_object_definition_b  fodb
                 WHERE fgvcd.global_vs_combo_id = :pTargetGlobalVSComboId
                   AND fgvcd.value_set_id <> :pCompanyCostCenterOrgVSId
                   AND flit.value_set_id = :pCompanyCostCenterOrgVSId
                   AND flit.value_set_id = fvst.value_set_id
                   AND fgvcd.dimension_id = 8
                   AND fvsb.dimension_id = fdt.dimension_id
                   AND fvsb.value_set_id = fvst.value_set_id
                   AND fxd.default_mvs_hierarchy_obj_id = fodb.object_id
                   AND fxd.dimension_id = fgvcd.dimension_id
                   AND flit.language = USERENV('LANG')
                   AND fvst.language = USERENV('LANG')
                   AND fdt.language = USERENV('LANG')
                   AND :EFFECTIVE_DATE BETWEEN fodb.effective_start_date AND fodb.effective_end_date
                   AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT 'X'
                                     FROM fem_cctr_orgs_hier
                                    WHERE child_value_set_id <> parent_value_set_id
                                      AND hierarchy_obj_def_id = fodb.object_definition_id
                                      AND child_value_set_id = fgvcd.value_set_id
                                      AND parent_id = flit.company_cost_center_org_id
                                      AND parent_value_set_id = :pCompanyCostCenterOrgVSId)
                   AND EXISTS (SELECT 'X'
                                 FROM fem_intg_gl_wrtbk_bal_gt gt
                                WHERE gt.vs_mapped_flag = 'N'
                                  AND gt.company_cost_center_org_id = flit.company_cost_center_org_id)
                ORDER BY dim_member_name