AR Standard Memo Lines Listing

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Receivables
Source: Standard Memo Lines Listing (XML)
Short Name: RAXILL_XML

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select  Name ,  arml.description Description , 
        arml.start_date  Start_Date , arml.end_date End_Date,
        arl.meaning Line_Type ,
        mtluom.unit_of_measure  Unit_Of_Measure ,
        arml.unit_std_price Unit_Standard_Price,arml.tax_code,                         
         null   Account   ,     Invoicing_Rule ,  Accounting_Rule, 
	fnd_flex_xml_publisher_apis.process_kff_combination_1('d_account', 'SQLGL', 'GL#', cc.CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS_ID, NULL, cc.CODE_COMBINATION_ID, 'ALL', 'Y', 'VALUE') D_Account,
from    ar_memo_lines  arml ,  ar_lookups  arl ,
           mtl_units_of_measure mtluom , ra_rules rar1,
           ra_rules rar2 , gl_code_combinations  cc
where    arml.line_type               =  arl.lookup_code
and       arl.lookup_type             =  'STD_LINE_TYPE'
and       arml.uom_code              =  mtluom.uom_code  (+)
and       arml.invoicing_rule_id    = rar1.rule_id  (+)
and       arml.accounting_rule_id = rar2.rule_id  (+)
and       arml.gl_id_rev                 = cc.code_combination_id (+)