AR Adjustment Approval

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Receivables
Source: Adjustment Approval Report (XML)
Short Name: ARXCTA_XML

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    ps.invoice_currency_code Currency_Code, 
    DECODE (:p_order_by ,'Adjustment Status',l2.meaning,NULL) Status_1,
    DECODE (:p_order_by,'Adjustment Name',,NULL) Name_1, 
    DECODE (:p_order_by,'Creator',fndc.user_name,NULL) Created_By, 
    cust.cust_account_id Customer_Id ,
    substrb(party.party_name,1,50) Customer_Name,
    cust.account_number Customer_Number, 
    trx.trx_number Invoice_Number, Type, 
    ps.due_date Due_Date,
    l2.meaning Status, Name, 
    l1.meaning Reason,
    fndc.user_name Entered_By,
    adj.approved_by Approved_By, 
    TO_CHAR(adj.gl_date,'DD-MON-RR') GL_Date,
    DECODE(:p_curr_code,NULL , ROUND(adj.acctd_amount,2), 
    adj.amount) Adjustment_Amount,
    ROUND(adj.acctd_amount,2) Adjustment_Amount_Func, 
	AR_ARXCTA_XMLP_PKG.c_data_not_foundformula(ps.invoice_currency_code) C_DATA_NOT_FOUND, 
	AR_ARXCTA_XMLP_PKG.c_currency_summary_labelformul(ps.invoice_currency_code) C_currency_summary_label, 
	AR_ARXCTA_XMLP_PKG.c_status_summary_labelformula(ps.invoice_currency_code, DECODE ( :p_order_by , 'Adjustment Status' , l2.meaning , NULL )) C_status_summary_label, 
	AR_ARXCTA_XMLP_PKG.c_name_summary_labelformula(ps.invoice_currency_code, DECODE ( :p_order_by , 'Adjustment Name' , , NULL )) C_name_summary_label, 
	AR_ARXCTA_XMLP_PKG.c_creator_labelformula(ps.invoice_currency_code, DECODE ( :p_order_by , 'Creator' , fndc.user_name , NULL )) C_creator_label
from 	ar_payment_schedules ps, 
   hz_cust_accounts cust, 
   hz_parties party,
    ar_receivables_trx rcvbl_trx, 
    ra_customer_trx trx,
    ar_adjustments adj, 
    ar_lookups l1,
    ar_lookups l2, 
    fnd_user fndc
where adj.receivables_trx_id = rcvbl_trx.receivables_trx_id
  and adj.reason_code           = l1.lookup_code(+)
  and l1.lookup_type(+)            = 'ADJUST_REASON'
  and adj.payment_schedule_id = ps.payment_schedule_id
  and ps.invoice_currency_code = DECODE(:p_curr_code,NULL, ps.invoice_currency_code, 
  and ps.customer_trx_id = trx.customer_trx_id
  and trx.cust_trx_type_id = ra_cust_trx_types.cust_trx_type_id
  and ps.customer_id = cust.cust_account_id
  and cust.party_id = party.party_id
  and adj.status= l2.lookup_code
  and l2.lookup_type = 'APPROVAL_TYPE'
  and adj.status != 'U'
  and adj.created_by = fndc.user_id
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Order By
LOV Oracle
Activity Name Low
LOV Oracle
Activity Name High
LOV Oracle
Customer Name Low
LOV Oracle
Customer Name High
LOV Oracle
Customer Number Low
LOV Oracle
Customer Number High
LOV Oracle
Invoice Number Low
LOV Oracle
Invoice Number High
LOV Oracle
Invoice Type Low
LOV Oracle
Invoice Type High
LOV Oracle
GL Date Low
GL Date High
Status Low
LOV Oracle
Status High
LOV Oracle
Created By Low
LOV Oracle
Created By High
LOV Oracle
LOV Oracle