WH Notifications disabled

Categories: Toolkit - Setup & Support
Columns: Name, Display Name, Description, Status, Orig System, Email Address, Notification Preference ...
This may be done by the users on purpose, or by the system because of a problem with a bad email address.
It is recommended to verify all the email addresses Users that have DISABLED notification preference using :
select wlr.name, wlr.display_name, wlr.description, wlr.status,
wlr.orig_system, wlr.email_address, wlr.notification_preference
wf_local_roles wlr, fnd_user fu
where 1=1
and fu.user_name=wlr.name
and notification_preference = 'DISABLED'
and user_flag = 'Y'
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
User Name