PAY NZ Generate ED Payday File

Categories: BI Publisher
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Application: Payroll
Source: NZ Generate ED Payday File
Short Name: PYNZED_XML
DB package:

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SELECT  paa.assignment_action_id ASG_ACTION_ID
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION1 asg_no
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION2 emp_start_date
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION3 emp_end_date						
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION4 emp_ird_no
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION5 emp_name
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION6 email
						,pai.ACTION_INFORMATION7 kiwisaver_status
					FROM    pay_action_information pai
						,pay_assignment_actions paa
					WHERE   pai.action_context_id = paa.assignment_action_id
					AND     paa.payroll_action_id = :P_PAYROLL_ACTION_ID
					AND     pai.action_context_type = 'AAP'
					AND     pai.action_information_category = 'NZ_PED_ARCHIVE_ASG_DETAILS'
					AND		pai.ACTION_INFORMATION9 is null
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
LOV Oracle
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LOV Oracle