GMF GL Expense Allocation Detail

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Description: GL Expense Allocation Detail Report of OPM CM
Application: Process Manufacturing Financials
Source: GL Expense Allocation Detail Report (XML)
Short Name: CMR11USR_XML
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    'Allocations' dtl_ind, 
    m.alloc_code alloc_code, 
    m.alloc_desc alloc_desc , 
    i.account_key_type acct_type, 
    i.line_no line_no, 
    i.amount amount, 
    d.percent_allocation percent_alloc, 
    d.allocated_expense_amt alloc_mp_amt, 
    t.item_number item_no, 
    t.description item_desc, 
    b.balance_type balance_type, 
    b.bas_ytd_ptd bas_ytd, 
    mp.organization_code organization_code, 
    gmf_utilities_grp.get_organization_name(mp.organization_id) organization_name,
    c.cost_cmpntcls_code cost_cmpt_code, 
    c.cost_cmpntcls_desc cost_cmpt_desc, 
    b.analysis_code analysis_code, 
    a.cost_analysis_desc analysis_desc, 
    typ.description ytd_ptd_desc, 
    typ1.description balance_desc, 
    b.alloc_method mthd, 
	GMF_CMR11USR_XMLP_PKG.account_codeformula(i.account_id) account_code, 
	GMF_CMR11USR_XMLP_PKG.account_descformula(i.account_id) account_desc
FROM gl_aloc_inp i, 
    gl_aloc_mst m, 
    gl_aloc_dtl d, 
    gl_aloc_bas b, 
    gmf_period_statuses gps,
    mtl_item_flexfields t, 
    mtl_parameters mp, 
    cm_cmpt_mst c, 
    cm_alys_mst a , 
    gem_lookups typ, 
    gem_lookups typ1,
    gmd_org_access_vw oa
    m.legal_entity_id = :legal_entity_id1 	
    --m.legal_entity_id = :legal_entity_id 	
    AND i.account_key_type = '0' 
    AND i.calendar_code = :cost_calendar
    --AND i.period_code = :period_code
	AND i.period_code = :period_code1
    AND i.alloc_id = m.alloc_id 
    AND d.period_id = gps.period_id
    AND gps.calendar_code = i.calendar_code
    AND gps.period_code = i.period_code	
    AND d.alloc_id = i.alloc_id 
    AND d.line_no = i.line_no 
    AND b.alloc_id = i.alloc_id 
    AND b.line_no = i.line_no 
    AND b.inventory_item_id = t.inventory_item_id 
    AND b.organization_id = t.organization_id 
    AND b.organization_id = mp.organization_id 
    AND b.cmpntcls_id = c.cost_cmpntcls_id 
    AND b.analysis_code = a.cost_analysis_code 
    AND b.bas_ytd_ptd = to_number(typ.lookup_code(+)) 
    AND b.balance_type =to_number(typ1.lookup_code(+)) 
    AND typ.lookup_type(+) = 'BAL_YTD_PTD' 
    AND typ1.lookup_type(+) = 'BALANCE_TYPE' 
    AND b.organization_id = oa.organization_id 	
ORDER BY 2 asc, 4 desc,5 asc
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Legal Entity
LOV Oracle
LOV Oracle
Period Code
LOV Oracle
From Allocation Code
LOV Oracle
To Allocation Code
LOV Oracle