GMF Accounting Unit Mapping

Categories: BI Publisher
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Description: Accounting Unit Mapping Report of OPM GL
Application: Process Manufacturing Financials
Source: Accounting Unit Mapping Report (XML)
Short Name: GLR17USR_XML

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SELECT   a.acctg_unit_no 	     Acctg_Unit,
	 a.acctg_unit_desc      Description,
	 b.orgn_code 	              Orgn,
	 b.whse_code 	             Whse
FROM  gl_accu_mst a, gl_accu_map b 
 WHERE a.co_code    = :Company 
  and  a.acctg_unit_id  = b.acctg_unit_id 
  and  a.delete_mark    = 0 
  and  b.delete_mark    = 0  
ORDER BY  a.acctg_unit_no, a.acctg_unit_desc, b.orgn_code
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
LOV Oracle
From Acctg Unit
LOV Oracle
To Acctg Unit
LOV Oracle
From Orgn
LOV Oracle
To Orgn
LOV Oracle
From Whse
LOV Oracle
To Whse
LOV Oracle