AR Customer Listing - Summary

Categories: BI Publisher
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Description: Customer Listing - Summary
Application: Receivables
Source: Customer Listing - Summary (XML)
Short Name: RAXCUS_XML

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select 	substrb(party.party_name,1,50)                      Customer_Name ,
	cust.account_number                    Customer_Number ,              
	substrb(look.meaning, 1, 8)             Site_Use       ,
       	acct_site.cust_acct_site_id                Address_Id,
	substrb(loc.address1,1,30)                    Address_Line_1, 
	substrb(,1,15)                             City          ,
	substrb(loc.state,1,2)                             State         ,
	substrb(loc.postal_code,1,10)              Zip_Code      ,
	cust.status                                        Cust_Status, 
	AR_RAXCUS_XMLP_PKG.c_data_not_foundformula(substrb ( party.party_name , 1 , 50 )) C_DATA_NOT_FOUND
from 	ar_lookups look,
	ar_lookups look_status,
                  hz_cust_accounts cust,
	hz_parties party, 
                  hz_cust_site_uses site_uses, 
                  hz_cust_acct_sites acct_site,
	hz_party_sites party_site,
	hz_locations loc
where	cust.cust_account_id = acct_site.cust_account_id(+)
and	cust.party_id= party.party_id
and	acct_site.party_site_id = party_site.party_site_id(+)
and	loc.location_id(+) = party_site.location_id
and   	acct_site.cust_acct_site_id = site_uses.cust_acct_site_id(+) 
and            look.lookup_type(+) = 'SITE_USE_CODE'
and            look.lookup_code(+) = site_uses.site_use_code
and	look_status.lookup_type(+) = 'CODE_STATUS'
and 	look_status.lookup_code(+) = nvl(cust.status, 'A')
and           substrb(party.party_name,1,50) between :pr_customer_name_low and :pr_customer_name_high
and   	cust.account_number between :pr_customer_number_low and :pr_customer_number_high
and 	nvl(look_status.lookup_code, :p_status_low) between :pr_status_low and :pr_status_high
order by  decode(upper(:p_order_by), 'CUSTOMER', party.party_name,
			             'CUSTOMER NUMBER', cust.account_number,
			             'SITE USE', look.meaning,
			             'ZIP CODE',loc.postal_code,
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Order By
LOV Oracle
Customer Name Low
LOV Oracle
Customer Name High
LOV Oracle
Customer Number Low
LOV Oracle
Customer Number High
LOV Oracle
Site Low
LOV Oracle
Site High
LOV Oracle
City Low
LOV Oracle
City High
LOV Oracle
State Low
LOV Oracle
State High
LOV Oracle
Zip Code Low
LOV Oracle
Zip Code High
LOV Oracle
Customer Status Low
LOV Oracle
Customer Status High
LOV Oracle