PA Distribute Labor Costs (1)

Categories: Concurrent Program
Imported from Concurrent Program
Description: Distribute Labor Costs
Application: Projects
Source: PRC: Distribute Labor Costs
Short Name: PALDLC
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select SUBSTRB(PERSON.Full_Name,1,25) ,EXP.Expenditure_Ending_Date ,ITEM.Expenditure_Item_date ,SUBSTRB(PROJ.Segment1,1,18) ,SUBSTRB(TASK.Task_Number,1,13) ,TO_CHAR(ITEM.Quantity,'999999999D99') ,SUBSTRB(ITEM.Cost_Dist_Rejection_Code,1,28)  from PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F PERSON ,PA_Expenditures EXP ,PA_Projects_all PROJ ,PA_Tasks TASK ,PA_Expenditure_Items ITEM ,PA_PROJECT_TYPES_ALL PPT where ((((((((((PPT.Project_Type=PROJ.Project_Type and PPT.org_id=PROJ.org_id) and PROJ.Project_ID=TASK.Project_ID) and TASK.Task_ID=ITEM.Task_ID) and PERSON.Person_ID=EXP.Incurred_By_Person_ID) and TRUNC(ITEM.Expenditure_Item_Date) between PERSON.EFFECTIVE_START_DATE and PERSON.EFFECTIVE_END_DATE) and EXP.Expenditure_ID=ITEM.Expenditure_ID) and (ITEM.System_Linkage_Function||'')=:b0) and ITEM.Request_ID=:b1) and ITEM.Cost_Distributed_Flag='N') and ITEM.Cost_Dist_Rejection_Code is  not null ) order by 1,2,3
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Expenditure Batch
LOV Oracle
Project Number
LOV Oracle
Employee Name
LOV Oracle
End Date
Incurred By Organization
LOV Oracle
Reschedule Interval (Days)
Reschedule Time of Day
Stop Rescheduling Date
Adjust Dates When Rescheduling
LOV Oracle
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