CST Periodic Accrual Writeoff

Categories: BI Publisher
Application: Bills of Material
Source: Periodic Accrual Writeoff Report (XML)
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select trunc(pawo.write_off_gl_date)                  Write_off_date
,      null                            C_FLEX_ITEM
,      null                             C_FLEX_ACC
,      pawo.po_num                             PO_Number
,      pawo.po_line_num                        PO_line_num
,      pawo.transaction_source_code            Source_code
,      plc.displayed_field                     Source
,      pawo.transaction_organization_id        Organization_id
,      ood.organization_code                   Organization
,      to_char(pawo.transaction_date,'DD-MON-YY')                   Document_date
,      nvl(pawo.invoice_num, pawo.receipt_num) Document_number
,      pawo.invoice_line_num                   Document_line
,      round(pawo.transaction_quantity,:P_QTY_PRECISION)  Quantity
,      pawo.transaction_unit_price             Unit_price
,      pawo.transaction_amount                 C_AMOUNT_Amount
,      plc1.displayed_field                            Destination
,      pawo.accrual_account_id                 Account
,      mtr.reason_name                         Reason_code
,      pawo.comments                           Comments
,      decode(pawo.write_off_code, 
                     'REVERSE WRITE OFF', 'Yes',
                     'WRITE OFF', 'No')        write_off_reversal, 
	fnd_flex_xml_publisher_apis.process_kff_combination_1('c_flex_acc_disp', 'SQLGL', 'GL#', GCC.CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS_ID, NULL, GCC.CODE_COMBINATION_ID, 'ALL', 'Y', 'VALUE') C_FLEX_ACC_DISP, 
	fnd_flex_xml_publisher_apis.process_kff_combination_1('c_flex_acc_sort', 'SQLGL', 'GL#', GCC.CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS_ID, NULL, GCC.CODE_COMBINATION_ID, 'ALL', 'Y', 'PADDED_VALUE') C_FLEX_ACC_SORT, 
	fnd_flex_xml_publisher_apis.process_kff_combination_1('c_flex_item_disp', 'INV', 'MSTK', 101, MSI.ORGANIZATION_ID, MSI.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID, 'ALL', 'Y', 'VALUE') C_FLEX_ITEM_DISP
from   cst_pac_accrual_write_offs        pawo
,      mtl_transaction_reasons      mtr
,      mtl_system_items             msi
,      gl_code_combinations         gcc
,      po_lines_all                     pol
,      org_organization_definitions ood
,      po_lookup_codes              plc
,      po_lookup_codes              plc1
where pawo.legal_entity_id = :P_LEGAL_ENTITY
and    pawo.cost_type_id  =  :P_COST_TYPE
and    pawo.cost_group_id = :P_COST_GROUP
and    pawo.reason_id                   = mtr.reason_id (+)
and    msi.inventory_item_id (+)        = pol.item_id
and    msi.organization_id = pawo.transaction_organization_id
and    gcc.code_combination_id          = pawo.accrual_account_id
and    pol.po_line_id (+)               = pawo.po_line_id
and    pawo.period_id  = :P_PERIOD_ID
and    nvl(mtr.reason_name,'A')                  = nvl(:P_reason_code, nvl(mtr.reason_name,'A'))
and    ood.legal_entity = :P_LEGAL_ENTITY
and    ood.organization_id = pawo.transaction_organization_id
and    plc.lookup_code = pawo.transaction_source_code
and    plc.lookup_type = 'ACCRUAL TRX SOURCE'
and    plc1.lookup_code(+) = pawo.destination_type_code 
and    plc1.lookup_type(+) = 'DESTINATION TYPE'
ORDER BY fnd_flex_xml_publisher_apis.process_kff_combination_1('c_flex_acc_disp', 'SQLGL', 'GL#', GCC.CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS_ID, NULL, GCC.CODE_COMBINATION_ID, 'ALL', 'Y', 'VALUE')
,                    plc1.displayed_field
,                    :P_ORDERBY_ITEM
,                    pawo.po_num
,                    pawo.po_line_num
,                    decode(plc.displayed_field, 'PO', 1,
                                   'INV', 2, 'WIP', 3, 'AP', 4, 5)
,                    pawo.transaction_date
Parameter Name SQL text Validation
Legal Entity
LOV Oracle
Cost Type
LOV Oracle
Cost Group
LOV Oracle
LOV Oracle
Reason Code
LOV Oracle
Print Comments
LOV Oracle