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Introducing Supply Chain Hub – sponsored by NYOUG

This education session will provide EBS Inventory supply planners with education and training on a modern, fast and easy to use planning hub. This tool provides supply and inventory planners fingertip control planners with drill down capability, together with rapid mass volume exports on every Oracle entity from a single interface screen.


We’ll review these important points;

  • Full supply chain view in a single focused form
  • Centralized information – no need to for multiple screens to change responsibilities
  • Ability to export supply chain data to Excel without excessive processing wait times
  • Ability to launch supply chain reports from within the Hub
  • Powerful zoom & drill down to all SCM forms – Sales, Purchase & WO
  • Advanced features including optimized pegging & exceptions
  • Configurable search views & filters to isolate any supply/demand data

Featured Speaker

Glen Whelan, Enginatics

Glen is an internationally known Oracle EBS Supply Chain specialist with two decades of experience working on EBS implementation projects across various industries around the globe. His experience with the inflexibility of existing supply chain solutions inspired him to join Enginatics and introduce Blitz Report™, the Supply Chain Hub and the new Report™ Report Toolkits.


Date: June 17, 12:00-1:00pm EDT (New York)

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