Blitz Report™ now offers the capability to embed hyperlinks directly in the excel sheet while building a report. Let us show you a very simple example of this:

Build a sample report with the following code and run it:

'=HYPERLINK("","google")' hyperlink_column
ap_suppliers asu

Below image shows the output for the above report:

Image showing the output of the sample hyperlink test report

From the above image, it can be clearly seen that the hyperlink is embedded into the excel file. Users just need to click on the cell to take them to the location of the hyperlink URL. Point to be noted is the format in which the =HYPERLINK part works. It should be coded in the below way:

‘=HYPERLINK(URL to the location, alternate text)’

For a better example, please see the following screenshot of a report which fetches the location of FND Documents and the application of the document.